Mission Statement:

The Mission of DialyTran is:
  1. To improve the health of patients with end-stage kidney disease and receiving dialysis at the MUHC, by providing social and physical recreation therapy services; and

  2. To take appropriate actions to ensure that patients of the MUHC with kidney disease receive the best possible care.

Goal and Objectives:

Volunteer members of DialyTran will:

  1. Solicit the advice of health care professionals and suggestions from patients to determine the important needs of the patients and to improve the quality of their care;

  2. Use their best efforts to secure financial resources to fund the acquisition of appropriate equipment and human support services for patients with advanced kidney failure receiving hemodialysis;

  3. Plan, coordinate and carry out fundraising events and activities;

  4. Supervise and financially support a Renal Patient Support Program, directed by a qualified professional Coordinator, to develop and implement social and physical recreation therapy programmes for patients and their families;

  5. Collaborate closely with the McGill University Health Centre Foundation/Royal Victoria Hospital Foundation (MUHC/RVH Foundation) on all matters of fundraising and administration;

  6. Maintain liaison with other organizations involved with kidney disease to explore ways and means for collaborating on projects of mutual interest and benefit.